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Oddiyana (Skt. Oḍḍiyāna; Tib. ཨུ་རྒྱན་, Orgyen; Wyl. u rgyan) — one of the twenty-four sacred places.
Buddhist texts speak of Oddiyana as a beautifully green and fertile kingdom, inhabited by gentle people often clothed in white, who had great respect for wisdom and learning. It was surrounded by high, rugged mountains, and in the broad valleys were towering white stupas and golden temple roofs. It seemed a paradise on earth and so was called “the royal garden” from the Sanskrit udyana.
Following two years of extensive renovations focusing on creating a chic and cosy atmosphere, Chalet Oddiyana is the perfect setting to unforgettable holidays with your family and friends. With accommodation for up to 11 guests, come experience the calm and soothing environment of a luxury mountain lodge set in a small typical Savoyard hamlet, unspoilt by time. It’s hard to imagine that such calm and tranquillity, as well as breathtaking panoramic views across the Meribel Valley, can be found only a 5 minute drive away from the centre of Meribel.

After an intense skiing day - choose between extraordinary off-piste skiing and over 600 kms of perfectly groomed slopes - you will find warmth near the majestic metal-clad fireplace, relaxation in the soundproofed cinema room, or relief for your muscles in the sauna.

Rebuilt using local stones and ancient wood faithful to the traditional Savoyard style, Chalet Oddiyana is located in the picturesque hamlet of Chandon, and features an exciting ski back option during most of the winter, just off the Villages run.